First Annual SIUE SATA Art Therapy Fundraiser

A SATA fundraiser to be held on May 21, 2011 at the William Kerr Foundation.  The historic, $2 million dollar, completely renovated green building is just blocks from Lumière Place on The Landing in St. Louis.  We have generously been given access to the entire 5, 200-square-foot building including the roof-top deck.

We will be displaying our artwork in the gallery space and will have an area to sell artwork with the proceeds going to each individual artist (SATA members, let us know if you have art you want to sell).  We are also having a quarter raffle (, silent auction items, live music and much more!  We have a fully appointed kitchen and we are working on getting items donated (Again, let us know if you have or know anyone who would like to donate anything).

We really need your support to make this event successful!  Please email this to all your friends and contacts. You can also invite people through our facebook event!


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