Spring Art Exhibition

As you know, the annual Art Therapy Exhibition is coming up very soon! With this in mind, we need to start considering how to advertise our opening. Before we can do that, however, our show needs a title! We already have one suggestion for “Art Happens” but would appreciate the ideas and input of others. Please comment on this post with your exhibition title ideas and we will vote on them during our next meeting. Thanks!

10 responses to “Spring Art Exhibition

  1. I like “Art Happens.” I think it is broad enough where we all can submit something not focused on a specific theme!

  2. Art Happens works for me.

  3. I’m good with Art Happens.

  4. Another student has suggested the following through email:

    -Art from the heart
    -Art heals
    -Therapeutic art
    -Art from the head heart and soul
    -The art within us
    -Healing through art

    Again, we will vote at our next meeting, which will be March 15th, at noon.

  5. I personally like “Art Happens.” Maybe because it reflects what my clients are doing right now… lol

  6. I like art happens. It feels full of potential for interpretation and meaning.

  7. Art Happens is OK.Also, what about
    Life Beauty
    Awakening Vision
    The Language We Speak (my fav….since art is a language!!)

    Sorry can’t make any meetings, but thinking about you all!

  8. I’m not crazy about Art Happens but I’ll be ok with it if everyone else wants that as a title. I like Jessica’s suggestions, especially, “The Language We Speak.” I feel it t has more depth.

  9. “Art Happens” won per vote at the last SATA meeting.

  10. Do you have an idea of when submission info (title/media, etc.) are due, as well as when the closing reception will be? I’d like to let supervisors/parents know…
    Great work so far! I expect to be there on Apr. 2 to help hang the show.

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