Spring Magazine

SATA will be putting out our spring magazine this  April. This means that we need everyone to submit their article ideas by March 18th. The completed articles will be due on April 1st. Please comment in response to this post with your article topic so that we do not repeat themes.

Thanks everyone!

10 responses to “Spring Magazine

  1. Hey all,
    I keep thinking it would be fun to write about the overlap in my experience training for and running a marathon and graduate school. I think I’ll title it, “Everything I needed to know about grad school I learned while training for a marathon.”


  3. Hmmmmm….what about something titled, “Sitting in the Fire”??? ….about my experience as group leader in tough times with kids with trauma and how.

  4. As per the meeting, the following people will be writing about the following topics

    Jen – Kerr Foundation
    Allison – Self care
    Kirsten – Quarter Raffle advertisement
    Paige – Dance movement workshop
    Group – Top 20 list
    Ashlea – Student Success Show
    Stephanie – Art Show

  5. These all sound like wonderful article topics! I can’t wait to read the newsletter 🙂
    I’d like to write about the many ‘faces’ of art therapy.

  6. I would be glad to write about being a speaker.

  7. What other topics can be written on? I always forget what kinds of articles go in this newsletter (opposed to the shorter one).

  8. I’ll do my Sculpture experience.

  9. Kathy- we haven’t had anyone mention anything about graduating or thesis topic? Would you like to take something like that? This newsletter is a little more informal and to show the incoming students what life is like in grad school. Would also love to see some pictures from the 3rd years- maybe some from your get-together for your art-trade? You could also write about that experience???

  10. If I can write it by Friday, I’ll do graduating/our art-trade. I’ll keep you posted.

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