Monthly Archives: January 2011

Caroline Leibman Workshop for SATA members

The workshop for current SIUE Art Therapy students with Caroline Leibman has been set for Feb. 5th from 10am to 1pm. Please first bring your potluck items over to Alumni Hall if they cannot be easily concealed, and then we will be meeting in the Mississippi-Illinois Room in the MUC. We will head back over to Alumni Hall for our potluck lunch after the workshop. After the potluck, everyone is invited to stick around and make Valentines Day items to sell at the sale on the 10th.

Valentines Sale

After our Caroline Leibman workshop on Feb 5th, SATA members will stick around for a potluck and crafting party. During this time we will be making goods to sell for group funds at a craft and bake sale on campus Feb 10th. Please post a response to this in order to sign up for a baked good that you will bring in on the 10th. Please individually wrap and label each of the goods. Thank you!

New semester, new meeting time!


It’s that time again…. we will be having our first SATA meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 18th from 12:00-1:00. Please come to help discuss some of the activities for the semester and give your input on what’s going on! We will be discussing important dates for the semester, fundraising, and the art show & conference! Hope everyone’s semester is starting off well- we look forward to seeing you all Tuesday!
Erin & Paige