SATA will be having a potluck lunch before the theses defenses on Tuesday Dec, 14th at 1pm. Please sign up for what you will be brining by responding to this post. Thanks and see you all there!


19 responses to “Potluck!

  1. I will be making Pumpkin Muffins (because my aim in life is to make Leah happy)!

  2. Here is a question: Would it be better for us to have supervision at 12:00 and the potluck at 1:00 so that people who are coming to campus just for the orals and scarf then don’t have to wait an hour with nothing to do? I can ask Elva if that would work for her.

  3. i’ll probably bring a warm side dish in my crock pot… maybe some kind of rice dish

  4. I will bring a pasta salad.

  5. I’ll bring the BROWNIES 🙂

  6. I’ll bring Puppy Chow!!!! (aka Muddy Buddies!!!!)

  7. So I know we already have quite a few sweets, but I would like to bring cheesecake for Erin, since she is pleasing Leah. I could also bring a side if needed.

  8. GUSSIE – I think that is a great idea! Please just let us know what is best for Elva. Plus, if we do that, she might be more able to join us for the potluck!

  9. I’ll bring Indonesian fried vermicelli (=something that looks like rice noodle)… secret recipe of the Indonesian people… lol

  10. I’ll bring bruschetta… can’t wait to celebrate the end of the semester with y’all!

  11. I’ll bring some dip and crackers 🙂

  12. I’ll bring deviled eggs and cranberry tarts.

  13. I will bring a dessert :).

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