Photo Therapy Workshop!

Hey All,

Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday, here is the link to the Photo Therapy Workshop we may be hosting with MATA!

2 responses to “Photo Therapy Workshop!

  1. I just thought I’d leave a comment telling you that, as one of the earliest pioneers of PhotoTherapy techniques, that I have nothing but good things to say about Cathy Lander-Goldberg and her ability to teach a very good Workshop about these techniques.
    I have known her for many years and can confirm that she has both the knowledge and experience to teach this well — and I’m glad to see she’s starting to teach all this to others.
    For more about Cathy see her listing on the “Who is Doing What, Where” page of the website “PhotoTherapy Techniques in Counseling and Therapy”, at:
    and I hope you enjoy her Workshop,
    and no she does not know that I am writing this (it’s an “unsolicited” comment!)
    Judy Weiser, R.Psych., A.T.R.,
    Director of the PhotoTherapy Centre in Vancouver Canada

  2. Thanks so much for commenting with this extra info!

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