Ribbons of Hope

Hello everyone!

This post will be dedicated to talking about Ribbons of Hope, a collaborative community art project for Ferguson, Missouri. As the whole country is aware, Ferguson and the surrounding areas are facing some very difficult situations. Whether or not we all agree on the cause, who is to blame, and what the outcome should be, it’s safe to say that Ferguson deserves some support.


Ribbons of Hope was created by art therapists both in and from Ferguson and St. Louis to give people a way to respond to the events in Ferguson. The creators of Ribbons of Hope invite the people from Ferguson and beyond to look toward the future while engaging in a creative process with potentially thousands of others.

The way the project works is that people create ribbons with hopeful messages and send them to one of the project creators. The ribbons are taken to Ferguson each weekend and tied to one of two locations. (See below for more information on how to participate!) A few SATA members have occasionally helped with stringing ribbons and we have really enjoyed reading people’s messages for Ferguson. They range from silly and sweet to hopeful and deep, and all are welcome!

The Ribbons of Hope sites will provide a safe space for people to reflect, connect, commune and exchange dialogue.  The creators of Ribbons of Hope hope and wish that this project will be unifying, help to nurture and strengthen community spirit, and build bridges towards the future of Ferguson.

Here is a clip of the sites where ribbons are being tied:

Ribbons are still being accepted and participation is encouraged! Please make as many ribbons as you can! With that being said, here is how you or your family, club, church, etc. can participate!

Weather resistant ribbon, 14-18″ long
Permanent or paint markers

Directive:  On a ribbon with a permanent marker write or draw your vision of hope toward the future, in a positive, creative, productive, prayerful, or wishful way.
Ribbons can be mailed to: Gussie Klorer, 200 South Bemiston, Suite 309, Clayton, MO 63105.  Timely completion of ribbons may be important!

Ribbons of HOPE  is a partnership of the Adolescent Resource Center (ARC- a program of Queen of Peace Center) the Northern Arts Council, (NAC), Ferguson Youth Initiative (FYI) and Provident Counseling  and the Missouri Art Therapy Association (MATA).

We invite you and anyone who is interested to send in ribbons for Ferguson!

Meet the first years!!!!!

Here is the SIUE Art Therapy class of 2017!
We are a small but mighty class of 8 lovely ladies from all over the country. Together we represent Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Washington DC,  and Wisconsin.


Hi! I’m Sarah. I am from just outside of Washington, D.C., but spent a year living and teaching in the Marshall Islands. I love painting, good music, gentle yoga, vegetarian food, comedies, and learning about other people and cultures. I am really happy to be apart of the SIUE Art Therapy Counseling program this year!


Hi my name is Kaitlyn and I am originally from Maumee, Ohio. I enjoy taking naps, watching movies, and the color pink. Some interesting things about myself are that I like to dance in clothes before I buy them, I would eat chocolate for every meal if I could, and I do not believe in guilty pleasures.


I’m Emily! I am recently married. My favorite medium to work with is oil paint. I’m a redhead. I collect skeleton keys. And I have a love for 80′s rock.


I’m Veronica! I’m originally from Atlanta, GA. My life goals include building a skeleton out of popsicle sticks, not losing a debit card before it expires (I always have to replace them before they can expire :/), and eating Cuban food in Cuba. I enjoy radical feminist theory, the tv show Friends, writing, and really good books.  I’m the current SATA blog editor so leave me comments if there is anything you’d like to see discussed here!


My name is Rani  and I was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. I have a passion for painting and power tools. My favorite color is turquoise.


My name is Damaris, I come from Little Rock, Arkansas where I grew up with my parents and four siblings on the city limits next to a state park with a mountain. I enjoy being outdoors more than being inside, I am growing to love Jesus more and more, people are beautiful and I treasure getting to know others and embarking into new relationships while growing and deepening in relationships with family and friends. I hope to help others flourish by way of the gifts of art and relationship, and whatever else I encounter that is helpful. Art has really helped me through my own life to understand and learn and I believe it is a way for many to also understand, learn, and grow. Also I really like beverages. I am excited to get to know you all better, thank you for welcoming us 1st years so warmly!


My name is Daphne,  born and raised in Ossian, Iowa. I am a first generation college student. I graduated from Upper Iowa University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology & Studio Arts. Friends & family are everything to me.  I see life through a new perspective through using ceramics,  photography,  & painting. I see life as a plan just waiting to unfold. ♡


I’m Ashley! I grew up in northwestern Wisconsin and moved to Milwaukee upon a tuition scholarship to attend the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. I earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in sculpture and installation art. I’m active in promoting the visual arts in my community; working in art education, exhibit design, and galleries. I have worked extensively teaching art with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee and Danceworks Inc. Last summer, I completed an artist residency at the Milwaukee Public Theatre designing children’s costumes for the 2014 Latino Carnival. In my free time I can be found exploring the outdoors and growing veggies in my garden.

For Halloween, we decided to dress up as the rainbow.


Upon hearing about our costume, one of the second years reminded us of this gem from Awkward Family Photos.


So we decided to re-enact it!


We’re all very lucky and happy to be part of Art Therapy at SIUE! Many thanks to the second and third year students for making us feel welcome and supported!

IATA 2014

On Friday six of our students loaded up and headed to Chicagoland for the annual Illinois Art Therapy Association Conference. We left VERY early Friday morning, spent the day in Chicago on Friday and headed out to St. Charles Friday night. Saturday we spent the day listening to speakers, having interesting conversations, and attending workshops! The topic of the conference was titled The Elephant in the Room: A creative dialogue on power, politics, and violence.

Friday night we attended the IATA kick-off event hosted by the YWCA in Chicago. At the kick-off  we were split into groups of 4-6 and were instructed to make grounding stones. This was actually a really great directive! You need small stones, magazine clippings, glue sticks, and mod podge. The idea is that the stone is something to hold in your hand or keep in your pocket to keep you grounded or help you come back to being grounded if things get floaty. Here are  the stones we made:



The events for Saturday were at Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles. Some of our favorite presentations/discussions were Exploring Our Defining Experiences of Power and Identity: The Rapist, An Alternative Spelling of Therapist
with Pat B. Allen,  Say It Out Loud, Release and Connect in Relationship: Gently Using Art, Mindfulness, and Somatic Experiencing to Truly Connect with Melissa J. Hedlund, Authority vs. Power: Art Therapy Leadership From The Inside Out with Heather Leigh, and Stigmatization or Solidarity? A Dialogue About Art Therapists’ First-Hand Experience with Mental Illness with Cathy Moon.

Here are a few more pictures from our time at IATA and in Chicago:


Chicago is beautiful!


Two of the first-years!


The SIUE group minus one second-year but plus one alum!

It was a weekend with lots of driving, very little sleep, many belly laughs and thoughtful conversations, as well as some not-so-thoughtful ones. :) We’re all very excited for future IATA conferences and for AATA in Minneapolis this summer!


SATA Fall Workshop 2013

SATA Fall Workshop 2013

Join us on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 from 10 am-4 pm in the art and design building for some bookmaking with Joanne Kluba!

Spring 2013 Art Show

Spring Conference April 13, 2013

Here is our brochure for the Spring Conference!  SpringConf2013brochure

The Art Therapy Counseling program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville would like to invite you to the 30th Annual Spring Art Therapy Conference! This year we have the honor of hosting Janice Hoshino, who will be presenting on using a multicultural framework when providing art therapy to couples and families. The conference will be held from 9am to 3pm on Saturday, April 13th. Please take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and mark this date on your calendars. We hope to see you there!

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 8.05.36 AM

Raising some Fun(d)s!

Some pictures from the Spring 2012 fundraiser!